Organic farm providing hydroponic farms to KS schools appoints new executive director

PITTSBURG, Kans. — Phase one of a $10 million “Farm-to-School” initiative program begins in Pittsburg. Community Green Farms is partnering with Leafy Green Farms to provide ten hydroponic farms to ten schools in southeast Kansas. Typically, food travels 1,500 miles from a farm to your plate. But, Leafy Green Farms is known as “hyper-organic,” which means it can be grown locally and consumed within 100 miles.

Food grown in the hydroponic farms will be used for school meals.

“Leafy Green Farms was started with the idea of moving the nutritional needle here in southeast Kansas. We don’t believe that income should dictate nutritional levels, especially in children. So we began our farm and started our proof of concept farm at Pittsburg High School to show that farms can be in rural areas where children can start growing food year-round and provide better nutrition for the entire community,” said Brad Fourby, Founder of Leafy Green Farm.’

“So then, once we’ve identified the qualifying schools in the area, we will reach out to them and ask them in a system and writing a grant. So that then through our foundation, we can help get a grant to them so they can get a farm on property,” said Jim Raver, President of Board, Community Green Farms.

Once Leafy Green Farms reaches a goal of ten schools locally, they will move onto implementing the program in all 105 counties in the Sunflower State. The project is typically funded through grant programs.

Reps are looking for community leaders and sponsors to help make that happen. Those interested can email Jim Ravers at JIM.RAVERS@CGFKS.ORG