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Our Mission

To improve the health of communities impacted by inadequate nutrition through hands-on education and innovative agricultural production.

How it Works

Introducing nutritious foods to school-aged children helps them to develop healthier habits and interests that will be passed on to future generations.

Student Grown

Students learn to manage the farms and decide how to use the food.


Classes involved can include Agriculture, Business, FACS, Horticulture, STEM, and more.


Food can be sent to Cafeterias, Classrooms, Families, Farmer's Markets, Food Pantries, and more.

Water Conservation

Water plays a key part in our livelihood. By using sustainable container farms, approximately 5x less water is used compared to standard farming.

Food Supply through Donations

Our essential motto is to provide fresh food sources to food deserts, impoverished communities, and our soldiers.

Your Donations and Impact

Your support for our cause will create new health and wellness opportunities to previously underserved parts of our country.

Food Supply

One farm can produce 600 heads of fresh lettuce for harvest each week. All produce grown is 100% organic with controlled mineral intake.

Community Green Farms

Moving the Nutrition Needle

"One school and one child at a time"

“Not only will these farms teach students an entirely new set of skills that could impact the trajectory of their chosen professions, but they are going to develop an interest in growing their own food which will affect their health and the lives of their families for generations.” – Matt O’Malley, Executive Director of Community Green Farms

The Impact of Your Donation

Why Choose Us

Your tax-deductible, charitable donation helps us to provide state-of-the-art hydroponic shipping container farms to schools. Together, we will change the future of food and the wellness of everyone involved.