About Organization.

Recognizing the need to improve the health outcomes of children whose lives are affected by poor access to healthy foods, Community Green Farms was established in 2022 to move the nutrition needle. Our organization seeks partnerships from private and public funders to place state-of-the-art hydroponic growing systems in schools. We work closely with school administration to incorporate an innovative, cross-sector curriculum that teaches students a variety of skills associated with farming, health and wellness, economics, and so much more. Our projects create impactful connections between community members and donors with the students and school districts. Together, we will ensure that the next generation understands the importance of proper nutrition while changing the future of food through hands-on education.

Improving the Food Supply

Our essential purpose is to provide a source of nutritious food to communities, schools, families, and students.

Continuous Food Production

Just one farm can produce 600 heads of fresh lettuce for harvest each week, all of which is grown with controlled mineral intake, free from herbicides and insecticides.

Innovative Farming

Container farms use extremely efficient watering technology and minimize the distance food travels from farm to plate.

Impactful Donations

Your support for our cause will create new health and wellness opportunities to previously underserved parts of our country.

Our Vision

The health and wellness of entire communities will be improved through the placement of hydroponic farming systems at schools throughout Kansas and beyond.

Our Mission

Farm School Program

To improve the health of communities impacted by inadequate nutrition through hands-on education and innovative agricultural production.

Our Aim

At Community Green Farms, we believe in making nutrient-dense, organic food accessible to all. We firmly believe that opportunity, financial stability, and wellbeing greatly increases with a healthy diet.

About The Farms.

The farms we place at schools are contained inside of converted shipping containers incorporating state-of-the-art technology, systems, and design. These efficient farms of the future utilize vertical, hydroponic grow towers which are harvested year-round, producing the equivalent of a two-acre traditional farm. Once established, the farm systems including watering, nutrient infusion, and grow lights can be operated from a computer or phone app controlling all aspects of the environment including temperature and humidity. A wide variety of vegetables can be produced inside these units including leafy greens, root vegetables, herbs, and even berries and flowers. All of the food is grown free from herbicides or pesticides and never absorbs contaminants often found in the air, water, and soil. These hyperorganic, nutrient-dense foods are easy to harvest and distribute through cafeterias, classrooms, food pantries, farmer’s markets, and more!